If you thought leaving Christmas lights up all year round was annoying you are going to love what I just discovered has become a new Christmas trend. Christmas Lights for your facial hair yes you can now light up your beard for the holiday. First I saw it on Facebook and then thought could it be fake news but nope it's not, its a thing. You can actually put mini LED lights in your beard for Christmas. The question I have is when do you put them in and how long do you leave them there?

The maker of this holiday marvel warns about wearing the in wet weather but over all claims they are safe. According to an article online by Ladbible they are going to be a thing this year and apparently Amazon is offering a similar product the is just as popular. Even Walmart online has a product called Beardaments - Beard Ornaments.They come in a light up version as well.

So forget about the ladder and the gutters this year. I say just decorate your face. Of course I am not sure how it would look without the beard. I also don't know if these products could be use in your hair if you are a woman and were hoping to be more personally festive at you holiday gatherings. Either way I would say following the product directs is probably important and whatever you do don't leave them in all year.


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