We have all done it at least once, even if you don't want to admit it.

Looked down and the needle was on the E, signaling that you needed gas.

I can remember many different times that I wouldn't stop because it was to cold or I was just to lazy and figured I'd just get it later.  Later would come and I'd be running late or wouldn't have money on me and I'd have no choice but to "give it a go" and try to make it.

Unless you are my parents or in-laws, they won't let the gauge below 1/2 full, you probably have experienced the thrill of "how far can I drive on E"?

Well, unless you have a very old car, you should be OK for a few more miles than you might think.

MSN.com did the research and it looks like some cars are capable of up to 80 miles when the light comes on...which, for the sake of this story is when the needle is on E.

So, there you go.  Drive more. Stress less.

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