This Friday is just not the fourth Friday in February it also happens to be "Skip the Straw Day." According to National Day Calendar Skip a Straw Day was founded last year by The Coral Keepers which is a group of students who attend Whitehall Middle School in Whitehall MI., and their advisory Susan Tate. The idea is to get Americans to kick the straw habit or at least go back to the using the straw which was invented by Marvin Stone in 1888 and was made out of paper. There are also other choices like metal and glass. Plus there are biodegradable plastic straw that are now available designed to create no straw waste.

The reason to give up the plastic straw is quite simple, it is polluting the planet faster than any other form of plastic and it is killing marine life and coral. All of this for an item often given to us in restaurants that goes unused. The Last Plastic Straw spells out the various problems with plastic straws in pretty simple terms. According to there statistics Americans use enough plastic straws to fill up Yankee Stadium 9 times a year. And sadly all those straws either end up in landfills or oceans forever. I am not going to gross you out with pictures of what plastic is doing to our world but I am going to ask that you say "No" to the plastic straw. Next time you are in a restaurant ask them to leave out the straw. And if you need one for your big gulp consider getting one that's re-usable.

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