When you think pizza, you think New York City. Or Italy, but usually New York City. So it's not coincidence that a new extravagant pizza can only be found in the big apple.Lucky for us we're not too far away to get it, however our bank accounts might not be able to accommodate such a purchase.

That's because the pizza cost about $2,000. According to the New York Daily News a restaurant in the city called Industry Pizza is selling a new pie that is topped with 24 karat gold leaves, caviar, foie gras and truffles. The slices run for $250 a slice and it's also being reported that the 24 karat leaves on the pizza are tasteless. 

This story is driving me crazy. Because I love pizza, but I don't think I love it enough to spend $2,000 on it or $250 on one slice of pizza. It's not even made with mozzarella, it's made with white stilton cheese that is shipped form England. I don't even know what stilton cheese is.

It doesn't even look that good. If you had the money would you eat the $2k pizza? You can grab a slice at Industry Kitchen 70 South Street at Maiden Lane, NYC.

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