The aviation world record plane is from Dutchess County.

There is so much history in the Hudson Valley and this year we got to add something else to the list of things that make the Hudson Valley the best place to live.

According to WTEN, the world's oldest flying airplane flies out of Rhinebeck New York. It's a 1909 French Bleriot airplane that's made of spindly wooden slats, wrapped in fabric, tightened by cables. Inside the cockpit the plane has a single wicker stool and stick with gauges for oil pressure, air speed and elevation, and gasoline.

Chief Mechanic Mark Mondello told WTEN that, “Right now, this airplane is the oldest flying airplane in the world. Built in 1909, Bleriot 11. Right now, it’s the oldest flying airplane in the entire world. That's very significant for the Hudson Valley, New York, and the United States.”

The world record flying plane is housed and flies out of the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in Rhinebeck.

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