Get the MILK...Get the BREAD!

As we expect to get hit pretty hard in the Hudson Valley by what some weather people are calling, "Winter Storm Gail", we thought we should try and make sure that we are all prepared. We asked for fans to share with us one thing that we should all have ready to go before the storm dumps anywhere from 12 to 24 inches of snow on us.

The winter storm checklist started with what Jess and I need at our houses to be prepared. Jess said she needs to be stocked up with popcorn and I need to make sure I have enough K-cups to get through it. I can't do anything without coffee so I need at least 48 of them to get by...LOL.

Here's the full list we worked up today....

Booze (thanks Fredo for the text message)
Salt for the walkway
Pet Food
Dip (LOL)
Gas for the generator and for the snow blower
Ice scraper for the car
Board games
Deck of Cards
Snowman kit

That's what we have so far, but if there's something that we forgot to put on the list that you think we need to have ready to go before the storm, call or text us through the Wolf app. If you haven't downloaded the app yet, do it today because anytime nasty weather hits, we do our best to get you all the important information you'll need to make it through it. It's FREE so go ahead and download it NOW!

Be safe.

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