William Michael Morgan is enjoying a solitary moment in his new music video for "Missing," the second single from his Vinyl album. The traditional country singer stars alongside an old Ford and the California desert in this clip. Watch and enjoy a few behind-the-scenes photos from this Taste of Country exclusive.

There's not another soul in sight during this sunset-drenched music video. Morgan sings that "Sometimes missing is my favorite place to be," during the mid-tempo swinger. That's a feeling that suits him fine.

"Everyone needs to get missing from time to time," Morgan tells Taste of Country. "Whether it's a big city, the country, or a little beach town."

Calling his second single from his debut album a blessing, Morgan asks fans to get "Missing" with him during this video. "Thanking God for all the opportunities I'm given, and all the fans and supporters beside me!! Here it is!"

The three behind the scenes photos show Morgan alongside his truck on set in Palm Springs, Calif. Jack Guy, the video's director, took the photos. It's a traditional look for a very traditional country singer who's hoping for a second hit single. "I Met a Girl" was his debut from Vinyl. It peaked at No. 1 earlier this year.

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