It seems like every time we take a step forward in the re-opening process, we end up taking two huge steps back.

Unfortunately, we've seen an uptick in COVID-19 cases in New York State since the re-opening process began. Of course, we want everyone to stay safe and healthy so following social distancing rules and wearing a mask are rules we're willing to follow when it comes to our safety.

However, Governor Andrew Cuomo set new rules when it comes to dining out and going to a bar in New York State. According to his press conference on Thursday, bars and restaurants across New York State can only serve alcohol to people who also order food.

This new setting went into effect on Friday, July 17th. One Capital Region restaurant came up with a new menu item on the same day. It's called Cuomo Chips.

According to CBS News 6, Harvey’s Irish Pub in Saratoga Springs is selling Cuomo Chips for $1 so patrons who want a drink don't have to spend money on a larger order if they don't want to eat.

Currently on social media there are a few arguments going back and forth on whether or not Cuomo Chips actually count as food. There has not been an official answer, but Steve Maugeri from CBS News 6 reached out to the Governor's office and they said that Cuomo Chips count as food.

What are you thoughts on the new rules in place? Will you be dining out more often or will you be staying in?

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