We are getting close to Christmas and if you plan on mailing any gifts this year you need to do it now.

I don't know why but every year as we approach Christmas, I promise myself that next year I'm not going to wait until the lat minute to send any gifts. Here I sit for another year hoping that the stuff I need to send out will get there in time and if I order something now will it get here in time.

After looking around, I came across ShipStation and they broke down all of our shipping deadlines.

If you are going to ship through the United States Postal Service and you don't want to pay anymore than the standard shipping fee you need to have everything ship out by Thursday, December 14th (Yes TOMORROW). If you plan on using FedEx and/or UPS you have until Friday, December 15th to get every thing out.

For the people like me that will most likely miss those deadlines most delivery companies will offer last minute options for more money.

Hopefully this helps:


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