Each year during hunting season, you'll find hunters at all different skill levels out in the field. Whether it's with a bow and arrow, rifle, muzzle loaders, cross bow, or even trapping, there's lots to learn with each of these and some people have more experience than others.

If you consider yourself a more experienced hunter, or know someone else who is, here's an opportunity for you to use that experience and help someone either hunt for the first time or give them confidence to continue hunting.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is accepting applications from experienced hunters who would be willing to hold a sponsored pheasant hunt with state-reared pheasants.

These special hunts gives youths, novices, people with disabilities, as well as others, the opportunity to experience this type of hunting in a controlled setting with an experienced hunter right there beside them.

If you're interested, you can get an application at your nearest DEC office or simply get all the info you need, as well as the application at their website. Applications are due no later than September 1.

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