And the answer was "NO!" What was the question? The question was "can we get this and put it in the front yard for Halloween?" Every year I try to have fun decorating for Halloween but the last few years my creativity has been weak and my timing bad. In years past I have built tombstones for the yard and hung skeletons from trees. Lately I am lucky to get a pumpkin carved by October 30th. Although last year I was ahead of the game. Actually to ahead my pumpkin rotted well before the trick or treaters arrived.

So why have I been denied and oversized blow up Halloween decoration for my front yard? Turns out there are a few good reasons.

1 - THE DOG - My dog barks at anything and everything that moves in the yard. Putting up a giant blow up skeleton would definitely result it a lot of barking. She is also not the type to adjust to big noise things that move randomly in the wind.

2 - THE LANDSCAPER - He has enough trouble with the junk I leave in his way on a weekly basis. Adding a giant inflatable skeleton that has to be tied down could result in him leaving me off his list next summer and I can have that, he is the best.

3 - THE SPACE - I know you are saying you have a landscaper mow your yard, you obviously have enough space or you are really lazy. Turns out it isn't really a space issue as much as a slant issue. I should rephrase this reason to "not enough flat" space.

So there you have it a few good reasons and honestly there are probably a few more. Like the cost. It is over $100 that could be put to better use and the cost to run these things. I don't know how much electric it actually uses but after running the fans all summer I am looking forward to a smaller Central Hudson bill not a bigger one.

So halloween will have to be low tech this year. A few pumpkins with candles and maybe a tombstone or two if I can find them in the garage. Of course I won't stop going in to Lowes to look at it and to imagine how awesome it would look in the middle of my slanted yard.

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