Saturday's Full Blue Moon is called the "Flower Moon" and it is a good thing because of it's Sagittarius location. Check out the astrological advice below. If Mother nature won't let us watch, the folks at will have us covered. The weather on Saturday seems like it might cause some viewing issues if we get the current forecast of clouds and possibly the Hudson Valley. If so the Farmer's Almanac will have a live stream you can watch while they go into detail on why it is named the flower moon and how moon placements have solved crimes.

If the live stream strikes you as a bit boring, then I would have faith that the skies will clear and you will be able to head to your favorite moon viewing place. The Walkway over the Hudson offers an event for members if weather permits. May's full moon this year happens at 5:14pm EDT on Saturday, so you may have to try and located it before the sun actually goes down. The May Moon is the Flower Moon because it among other things denotes when temperatures warm and plants bloom.

So what does this moon mean for you? Let's have Stormie Grace break it down.

And FYI some of the facts about the Full Moon aren't really facts at all.

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