Is there a right or wrong way for dogs to pee?

I've had my male dog "Smalls" for a while now, he's 8 months old and as he's getting older I seem to keep coming up with questions that I have no answers for. Like is it bad for him to chew and eat sticks, when will he stop chewing everything, does he hear me when I tell him to do something, or is he just ignoring me. All familiar questions that new dog people have at one time or another, right?

I stumbled into a new question the other day that I hope I'm not alone in asking. I was walking Smalls in Dutchess County on the rail trail, we were somewhere between the Walkway Over the Hudson and the walking bridge that goes across Route 55 in Lagrange.

We were walking with a few friends, when Smalls stopped to pee in the woods and as he started to do his thing one of the people walking with us chuckled and asked me "why does he pee like that? He's a boy, right?"

YES, he's a boy!!! How dare you!!! LOL! Yup my pup swats to pee, and hasn't learned just yet how to lift his leg and do his thing without falling over. He's tried to pee like a boy a few times and every time he loses his balance and winds up peeing all over himself, so I think he's decided, to avoid that happening to himself, he's going to be a swatter for now.

According to Cuteness, there's nothing wrong with my boy relieving himself they way he does, here's what they said, "Just because conventional wisdom says that males lift a leg and females squat, that's sexist baloney and there's nothing wrong with your male dog if he chooses to squat when he pees, just as there is nothing wrong with a female dog who lifts her leg."

Take that!!!

Smalls' Photo Shoot Number Two

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