This week should just be called Miranda Lambert week. First, her Christmas present gets animal activist up in arms, then she follows Gwen Stefani on Twitter and fans kind of lose their minds and not 24 hours ago... Anderson East pops up.

Last night my time line blew up with Miranda Lambert and Anderson East dating headlines. I was still under the impression that I had to fight Miranda for Sam Hunt, so I drew a sigh of relief. Of course after reading the articles I had to do some research. I've never heard of Anderson East and it seems like he came out of nowhere. I'm sure you'll be hearing his name more often now, we might as well get to know him.


According to Us Weekly, which take as a grain of salt folks, Miranda and Anderson plan to spend New Years Eve together... maybe they'll release a smooching video like Gwen and Blake did! (There was a major eye roll after I wrote that last sentence)

Anyhow, Anderson seems to be a very talent guy. His music has a deep bluesy feel and is completely different from anything on country or pop radio. Check out some of his music and see for yourself.

My, oh my. This mans voice is something else! Talk about grit. I dig it and I could see why Miranda would too.

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