I can't even tell you how many times I've driven through Middlehope to get to Billy Joe's Ribworks.

I know we are all about country music here, but we can appreciate all types of music and artists.

Now this might show my age, but whenever I think of the group KISS I think of really, really big hair.I remember seeing them on the television when I was younger and both of my parents were huge fans of them.

Eric Carr was a drummer for the band and he was with the group for over 10 years. He replaced their original drummer Peter Criss. Now I did have to check Wiki for this, but I love learning about anyone who has been in the public eye.

Sadly, at the age of 41 he passed away after a battle with heart cancer.

If you look at Rock and Roll Map, it explains how Eric is buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum right in Newburgh.

He has a special connection to "The Big Apple", he was born right in Brooklyn. Here is an interesting fact, Eric Carr was just his stage name his real name is a bit longer: Paul Charles Caravello.

There are so many celebrity connections to the Hudson Valley it's really incredible.


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