This time last year I was lucky enough to take a once in a life time trip with a life long friend. Our destination, the Grand Canyon. We were able to visit both the North Rim and the South Rim and on the way see everything in between. We drove up from Phoenix through the desert. If you love a back road drive you'd love the trip from Phoenix through Flag Staff and the desert to the North Rim. Then leaving the North Rim and heading to the South Rim from the east side of the canyon is indescribable. The views, vistas and colors must be scene to be believed.

We could have easily spent a week there but we just didn't have the time. We never even got to the West Side of the canyon which I can only imagine is just as beautiful with it views and the Skywalk. So it is obvious for me, if I had a new Cyclone Camper like the one I saw at Camping World in Kingston the first place I'd head out to would be back to the Grand Canyon.

If you haven't seen the inside of a Cyclone checkout the video tour Mike from Camping World in Kingston gave me and Jess. The Northeast Outdoor Sports Show this Saturday and Sunday (May 20 and 21) you can check it out there in person.

Bonus Video


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