What's wrong with this picture?

I didn't think anything of it until my friend told me about an encounter he had in Beacon. 


Two weeks ago I received a text from a friend of mine who was walking around Beacon. I gave him a ton of suggestions of places to check out while he was in town. After he enjoyed what he said was an amazing breakfast at Beacon Bagel, he decided to see what else Main Street had to offer.

A little while later I got a text from him that read "I just got a 'that hat's racist' remark."

I was shocked. He then added "People do not like this logo. It's the 3rd time someone's said that to me."

Once he sent me the picture I then understood what people might have been taking offense to. For years there has been controversy when it comes to the NFL's Washington Redskins mascot.

In 2014 the the Redskins lost their trademark registration when the "federal Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ruled in a 2-1 decision that the team name was disparaging to Native Americans" according to CBS DC.

Many athletes, fans and former Washington players are on board with a name change, agreeing that the mascot is demeaning. The United Church of Christ in Washington DC released a statement in 2015 saying "The use of the term ‘Redskins’ for the team mascot and nickname of the Washington football team is offensive and causes direct harmful effects to the public health and well-being of the Native American population."

My friend is a die-hard Washington fan and has a ton of fan gear. Should he get rid of it because of what is going on?




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