Is "shoveler" a word? If it's not, it is now..LOL!

As the entire Hudson Valley digs out from one heck of a winter storm, we were wondering what type of shoveling routine you use? When a snow storm drops a bunch of snow on us like it did the last few days, how do you handle the shoveling out?

Do you do it every couple of hours to try and stay ahead of the snow or do you wait until it's all done and then head out to start the dig out? Anytime we ask a question like this many folks get pretty passionate about it. I know before I moved into my apartment and owned a house, I was always a wait until the end of the storm guy. I always looked at it like, why waste time and energy doing something more than once...right?

As soon as I mentioned the way I do it, I got a few messages from fans telling me that if you shovel in shifts, yes it may take you more time and energy but each time you head out to shovel, the shoveling will be easier because you'll be moving less snow each time.

How do you tackle a snowstorm? Are you a "shift" or "end" person? Call or text us through the Wolf app and let us know. Also if you can include in your text, the snow total you got at your house this time around, we would love to see what Hudson Valley town got the most snow. As of now in Poughkeepsie we got an unofficial 15 and a half inches.

Tips For Snow Shoveling

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