What is it about caramel that makes it oh so yummy. I know a lot of people who prefer chocolate or a small few who say that butterscotch is the way to go. Toffee has even made a list or two, but caramel seems to be the one that adds the most satisfaction. Whether you drizzle it over ice cream, drape it over apple pie or manage to get it in between two tasty pieces of dark chocolate caramel never disappoints.

So what are the ten best toppings according to "TheTopTens.com"? Well, caramel is number one, besting out marshmallows, M & M's, hot fudge and even Gummi Bears. It is no surprise to me being that I am such a caramel fan, but I'll bet money the sprinkles and whipped cream lovers might feel the tally was fixed.

So what is Caramel? In short it is melted sugar and caramel sauce adds cream or milk.

Check out this great recipe to make your own caramel with Cupcake Jemma. It is salty and sweet.


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