Why is it that when it snows we find the silliest things to keep us busy? Today I took on learning some new things with the computer. How did it go? Well let's just say you aren't looking at my really cool snow video are you? Nope, instead you are reading about me try to post it.

CJ, Jess and Beth are always posting great videos to our YouTube channel. Today CJ and Jess even managed to go live on Facebook during their show. I however can't even figure out how to get the video off my phone. Is this the part where I tell you how many times someone has shown me how to post a video to our YouTube site. The problem is it's never been from my phone. Good news is I was able to post it to my Facebook page but I think everyone over the age of two can do that now a days. Anyway, I may have serious computer challenges.

So after 2 hours of drop box, YouTube, Facebook messaging co-workers, phoning a friend and bothering everyone I could find online today, I am throwing in the towel. I am also making plans to attend the next "video uploading for dummies" class the station offers. I want to thank everyone who tried to help me learning something new today. I also want to thank you all for not blaming me, but instead blaming my "needs to be upgraded" phone.

I am now going to make brownies, from a box, so I feel like I accomplished something today. And no, this is not my video. Enjoy this batch posted by Allrecipes.


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