After this morning, I'm starting to think I'm a scaredy-cat.

I have recently got back into the dating scene (yes, again...) and have been swiping left and right for the past few days. I'm on all of the apps, you name it I'm there. OkCupid, Bumble and Hinge are my go-to's.

Hinge has an awesome prompt set up that gives you fun questions to answer, which make for great conversation starters.

My favorite prompt is "What is your most irrational fear?" Most of the answers are pretty basic, like getting stuck in an elevator or the dark. I'm also loving the fact that some of these men aren't afraid to talk about their fears and let down that macho man persona.

However, some of the answers are hilarious and definitely "irrational."

Here are a few of my favorites I've come across:

"Falling out of the car while sleeping against the door."

"My air conditioner falling from my window and killing someone."

"The dark. If I can't see it could get me."

I seriously want to date all of these guys. We've got some great calls today too. One caller told me and CJ that she's afraid of balloons! She said everything about them made her skin crawl. Another caller shared that he's afraid of blue whales (another one of my irrational fears!) and that reading Moby Dick as a child was a true nightmare.

CJ's irrational fear is drinking out of glasses at a restaurant. Apparently, all he can think about is all the other mouths that have been on the said glass.

My big irrational fear is being at home alone, sneezing, and then someone whispering "god bless you." Yes I know it's ridiculous, but ghosts are ghosts.

What is your irrational fear? We know we're not alone!


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