I'm all about eating healthy, but sometimes the food gets so bland.

And yes I know, fruit is filled with sugar. But they're good sugars, at least that's what I keep telling myself.  Now I don't know what kind of sugar are in these popular fruits, but I sure am willing to try.

I've seen a few posts going around about "cotton candy grapes." At first I though it was small balls of cotton candy shaped as a grape and grape flavored, but once I finally looked it up I realized how wrong I was.

Cotton Candy Grapes are green grapes that apparently taste just like cotton candy. They have to be a healthier option than real cotton candy right? According to FoodandWine.Com they have 12% more sugar than your ordinary grapes.

NPR reported that the grapes are actually a hybrid of three different variety of grapes, pluots, peacharines and cherums.

So, no they weren't injected with real cotton candy.

While they are a healthier option, they're definitely more expensive. I've been told they run anywhere from $8 to $15.

Now the real question is, where in the Hudson Valley can I get cotton candy grapes? Let us know over on Facebook.

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