How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen?

One of the things that fans of the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show tell me all the time is how much they look forward to Monday's on the show, why? That is of course when we get to play a little game called "Three Things from the Weekend and it's super easy to play.

Every Monday me and Jess make a list of three things that each of us did over the weekend and once we get the lists together, Jess reads them to you annoumusuly on the air. Your job is to try and figure out which one of us did which set of three. If you missed our things from the show today, here they are.....

Person One

1. Spent a lot of time at urgent care.
2. Made hot cocoa bombs.
3. Started decorating.

Person Two

1. Ate grits.
2. Started watching the comedy show Schitts Creek.
3. Wandered aimlessly around Hobby Lobby.

Which one of us do you think did which set of three? Get the answer and all the stories behind our things by watching our weekly "Weekend Chat" video. This week its a bit different as Jess is doing the show all week from her apartment and I'm in studio so this is a must watch...LOL!

Thank you for watching and dealing with us over the last few days with Jess having to do the show from her house and me here. It hasn't been our best performances, but we are trying to get through it...LOL. Jess will hopefully be back in studio with us before the end of the week, until then I'm heading home to eat some leftover grits and chase it with one of Jess' cocoa bombs! Have a great week.

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