My wife and I were asked to meet baby girls God Father and his wife for lunch yesterday but I'm baffled at the outcome.

My wife decided to have a cheese steak sandwich and I said that I would have pizza if they wanted pizza.  They ordered 2 orders of fries and a pizza for the 3 of us to share.  His wife had a salad and he had some kind of appetizer.

When dinner was over, he ordered baby girl a dish of vanilla ice cream.

He took the check and paid on his credit card.  I've been raised to always ask what you owe or just offer money.

I had a $20 on me so I offered it to him and he took it.  Now, I realize that may have been our half of the bill but the last time we had dinner it was at our house and he ordered take out for us to pick up.  He and I went to get the wings and pizza and it was $60, plus my wife went to the bakery and spent probably $10.

They never even offered to pay.

I feel like we are getting the short end of the deal here.

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