As of noon on Tuesday, August 17, CNN reports that approximately 5,000 to 10,000 Americans "near Kabul" are attempting to get out of Afghanistan.

WTNH News 8 has reported that the Mir family from Waterbury has a cousin who's a member of the Afghan Army. Six members of their cousin's family have gone into hiding from the Taliban forces as they wait for an opportunity to escape the country.


Hasna's Afghan Cuisine in Waterbury - Google Instant Street View Photo
Hasna's Afghan Cuisine in Waterbury - Google Instant Street View Photo

Years ago, Anita and Sal Mir escaped Afghanistan and settled in Waterbury as refugees, where they opened up their own restaurant called Hasna's Afghan Cuisine on Wolcott Street.

Because Mir's family cousin is a high-ranking member of the Afghan Army, he realizes that the Taliban are currently hunting his family, and he's aware of what action the Taliban will take if they are found.

The Waterbury family has reached out to Connecticut U.S. Senator, Richard Blumenthal pleading for the Congressional delegation to obtain visas, flights, and immediate withdrawal for their loved ones. On Monday, August 16, here is what unfolded at the airport in Kabul.

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