An announcement on August 5th from the Governor's Office provided promising improvements for areas in Greene and Orange Counties, among other locations across New York State.

Approval by the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation for more than $47 million will help fund critical infrastructure projects that protect or improve water quality across the state.  There are 11 municipalities in New York state that will receive the grants, interest-free loans and low cost loans that were approved, Middletown, Greenville and the Village of Catskill are those in the Hudson Valley.

With August being National Water Quality Month, these funds will help to complete projects that impact drinking infrastructure and clean water initiatives in a cost-effective manner, and that will impact quality of life and water protection for years to come, according to Joseph Rabito, Environmental Facilities Corporation President and CEO.

In the press release from the Governor's Office, the funds that will directly impact the Hudson Valley will address the following:

Village of Catskill in Greene County - $2,914,319 WIIA grant, $695,227 in short-term, interest-free financing and $1,390,454 short-term, low-interest financing to replace aging water mains, reconstruct a sedimentation basin, build a new water storage tank and upgrade the water filtration plant.

Town of Greenville in Greene County - $5,041,554 in long-term, interest-free financing for the extension and improvement of its sewer plant.

City of Middletown in Orange County - $1,084,302 in long-term, interest-free financing to correct infiltration and inflow conditions at its sewer collection system.

In the same press release, New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker commented, 

New York's vast infrastructure is complex and aging in many municipalities where resources are tight. This latest funding will assist communities that are facing significant costs for drinking water upgrades and improve wastewater storage through projects that are both cost-effective and environmentally sound.

In addition to the partnership with the NYS EFC, the recent approval for funding also includes financing through the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) as well as grants pursuant to the Water Infrastructure Improvement Act (WIIA). For additional information on how the lower interest rates and reduced insurance costs work with the Environmental Facilities Corporation financing, more information can be accessed here.

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