The Hudson Valley is, once again, cleaning up after severe weather blew through the area.

A Nor'easter flew through the mid-Hudson region bringing tons of rain and dangerous winds. Sadly, we're used to this by now. Hudson Valley residents are still cleaning up after Tropical Storm Ida made landfall in the region back in September causing massive flooding and damages across every county.

The flooding continued earlier this week with places like New Paltz in Ulster County underwater for most of Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Howe Caverns also saw some serious flooding making for an unsettling scene.

Sullivan County Government did their part to warn residents about the dangers of driving in severe weather and flash flood watches. They took to social media to share updates across the county where flooding was causing serious traffic delays.

At one point, flooding was so high that whirlpools were actually forming on Sullivan County roads.

On Instagram, Sullivan County Government wrote:

Twin "whirlpools" have formed along the currently closed Wasser Way, formerly known as Government Drive, in Monticello this afternoon. Located near the Government Center's loading dock, the area is prone to flooding, and the vortices betray the presence of storm drains underneath. Though only a few inches deep, this water already disabled one vehicle today, so keep clear of such roadways, even if you think you know how deep the water is.

Take a look:


Pretty wild right? Did you see any flooding in your neighborhood during and after Tuesday's storm? Let us know about damages and areas to avoid on our Facebook page.

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