It's Wednesday which means we're digging into our We Got Ya Wednesday email bag.

Some Wednesday's it's lighthearted and other days we get emails from listeners that are deeply personal. This one has to do with a 20+ year friendship possibly ending because of a job.

I'd say it's kind of serious.

Can you help this listener out. She wrote us the following and asked to be anonymous.

Dear CJ and Jess,

Back in April I lost my job at a telemarketing company due to COVID-19 layoffs. My best friend (lets call her Mary) for over 20 years told me that her job was hiring and since we have very similar jobs, she figured I’d make a great fit. Mary even told me she would put a good word in with her boss. In May I had a few interviews with Mary's company, told the interviewer about Mary and they were very excited that she recommended me. A few weeks go by and I haven’t heard anything from the job or much from Mary. Last week I confronted her about it and she said she gave her boss a bad recommendation for me because she thought us working together would ruin our friendship. She said she’s a different person at work. I don’t know what that means, but I do know that I’m pretty upset about it to the point where I don't think I want to be friends anymore. Do I have a right to be mad? She says I’m over reacting and not thinking about our friendship. Should I break up with my best friend?

Yikes. To me it sounds like Mary might be a little competitive and didn't want her friend to outshine her in the office. But maybe Mary was thinking of their friendship. I know there are a few of my friends who I know I definitely could not work with.

What do you think? Do you have any advice for our listener?

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