Have any advice for this lady?

Its a "We Gotcha Wednesday" where Jess and I grab an email from a Wolf listener just like you and do what we can to try and help out with some advice. Actually your advice is what we are looking for so if you missed it on the air, here is the email we tried to tackle this morning....

"CJ and Jess can ya help me, PLEASE! My boss bought me a Valentine's Day present and my husband has told me he thinks it would be a good idea for me to give it back. Actually he is insisting. So my boss got me a giant box of chocolates and a $100 gift certificate for a massage. After I got it, I sent a picture of all of it to my husband, and he got extremely mad. He said it is completely inappropriate and insists that I return it to him to send him a message. Only problem is I think it was really sweet my boss thought of me enough to get me a gift and not to mention the chocolates are my favorite. I was the only one who received a gift, but I am his assistant so to me it seems reasonable. My husband is still fuming about it and wants to go to my job to say something. Was the gift from my boss thoughtful or inappropriate? Should I give it back?"

Both Jess and I agreed that the massage part of it is the thing that makes it weird. Not sure if its inappropriate or not but definitely weird. What do you guys think? Call or text us through the Wolf app and be listening for comments all morning long.

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