Hey New York, it's time to pop your top. And we're not talking about the top on your convertible.

It doesn't quite feel like it, but the warmer months and summer weather are heading to the Hudson Valley. So it's only right that we start talking about beach etiquette. Sure we could talk about the proper way to pack a beach day cooler or how loud you should listen to your music when you plop yourself down in the sand.

However, today we're not. Earlier this week a swimwear company released an article called "RULES FOR TOPLESS & NUDE SUNBATHING AROUND AMERICA."  Pour Moi did the research and broke down where each state stands when it comes to stripping down at the beach.

According to the story, New York is an "official nudist location" and "topless sunbathing is generally acceptable." Who knew?! Not I.

They share that New York has "Public indecency laws" in place but:

toplessness is legal throughout the state as of a ruling in 1992."

After a quick search, the case they're talking about is "People vs. Ramona Santorelli and Mary Lou Schloss." The 1992 case came after "seven women were arrested in Rochester, NY for being topless in a public area" according to Refinery29.Com. 

Connecticut, much like New York is okay with topless and nudist sunbathing. Pour Moi writes:

Public indecency laws are in place, but topless freedom is allowed when practiced without the intention of offending others. The state has a few different naturist resorts and campgrounds for private members.

Our neighbors in New Jersey don't have it as easy when it comes to popping their top. Pour Moi reports that NJ deems public indecency unacceptable, but there are unofficial nudist beaches.

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