Walking Dead co-stars enjoyed the solar eclipse and a motorcycle ride in the Hudson Valley.

On Monday, just after the solar eclipse, Kim Hart was heading home when she passed two bikers and immediately recognized one was actor Jeffery Dean Morgan.

“I quickly thought the second biker could be (Norman) Reedus, because they are great friends,” Hart told Hudson Valley Post.

At the intersection of Slate Quarry Road and 9G in Rhinebeck, Hart noticed that the second bike’s license plate had Georgia plates. Because The Walking Dead films in Georgia, Hart said she knew the second motorcycle rider was Reedus.

Hart followed them into the Village of Rhinebeck for about three miles. The pair parked at CVS, next to Samuel's Sweet Shop, a candy store Morgan co-owns with actor Paul Rudd.

Hart worked up the courage to get out of her car and approached the two actors.

She told them she loves The Walking Dead, adding Reedus is her favorite actor.

“I have been waiting for the moment I would run into Reedus for like the past two years,” Hart said.

The pair then agreed to pose for a few photos with Hart and even obliged when Hart asked for a hug!

Kim Hart
Kim Hart

Before meeting Hart, Morgan and Reedus were in the local area trying to catch the solar eclipse.

“No eclipse seen from here. But did enjoy some BLT's and a ride,” Morgan wrote on Instagram.

Reedus reportedly recently purchased a home in the area. Morgan owns a home with his wife in Dutchess County.

Morgan was recently named a Harley influencer and received a new 2018 model from Woodstock Harley-Davidson to try out.

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