Another day, another closing.

As we all continue to try and navigate our way through these trying times, cancelations and closures have become something that most of us have are trying to get used to and if you have a schedule court date for today at the Village of Wappingers court, it is now canceled according to the Village Facebook page.

The Facebook post stated, "DUE TO A COVID-19 EXPOSURE VILLAGE COURT WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE." The Village didn't comment on how long the courthouse will be closed, but the post did say that, "if you are scheduled for Court you will be notified by mail with a new date. Sorry for any inconvenience." With any COVID-19 exposure, it might be a while until they can reopen, but as soon as they announce when that will happen, we will update this article.

I think that one thing I've had a problem with through all of this is the quickness of cancelations and such. Anyone else have any doctor or dentist appointment canceled at the last minute? I know that back in early November, I called to make an eye doctor appointment and the nice lady who does the scheduling told me that the earliest they could see me was the first week of February. Three months away? 😡 To be honest, I didn't complain then and took the appointment.

Wouldn't you know it, the day of the appointment they called me and had to cancel, because of what the lady who called me said, "a family issue". I responded with, I waited three months for this appointment...UGH....I hope everything is OK. When can we reschedule? She said," how does the first week of April look for you?" NOPE...Not doing it...I responded with, I'm going to find a new doctor and hung up. Now I feel kinda bad that I was rude to the lady, BUT THREE MONTHS!! Was I a jerk? Text us though the Wolf app...LOL!

Thank you for letting me vent. Have a great day!

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