Big brother is already watching everywhere you go. Pretty soon they might be controlling how fast you get there too.

Imagine that you're driving your car on an open road or highway. Maybe you're on your way to work, there isn't a car in sight and you decide to drive a few miles per hour over the speed limit in hopes that you get there just a few minutes early.  It's all too familiar to many drivers here in the Hudson Valley and New York State.

You might not see the harm in it even though it is technically illegal but in a couple of years, it might not even be possible.

Are you willing to admit if you speed or not?

How often? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration lets drivers know that there are more consequences to speeding than poor gas mileage and getting a fine which could add up to about $1,000. Speeding could increase the severity of a crash, reduce the effectiveness of your seatbelt and even cause a loss of vehicle control.

It's actually quite a serious issue and it is the cause of thousands of fatalities every year in New York State. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in 2017 speeding was the cause of almost 10,000 deaths.

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According to Streets Blog NYC, there's a new bill introduced by a Manhattan senator that would mandate that cars have speed-limiting technology included in them in 2024. The regulations may be limited to SUVs and trucks that weigh over 3,000 lbs. If this passed, that would make New York the first state to have these regulations.

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