Dutchess County residence may want to take extra precaution when leaving their car unattended.


Summer is coming to an end and the school year is beginning, which likely means that your schedule is getting a bit more hectic. With a hectic schedule could come some forgetfulness and that's okay. Forgetting to lock your car doors, while may be  a small blunder, could make things a bit more stressful for you.

The Village of Wappingers Police Department has been receiving calls about several vehicle break ins.  Leaving your car doors unlocked obviously makes it easier for criminals to casually walk passed your car, jiggle the handle and realize they've hit the jackpot. Because most break ins happen during the over night hours, the Village of Wappingers PD recommends leaving your car in well lit area or somewhere near motion activated lights.

If you see any suspicious activity, as always, call 911 to report it.

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