Sun Tea is one of those things you can make all year round but making it in the summer is so much more satisfying. Real brewed Ice Tea just tastes better and what better way to make tea on a hot summer day then to brew it yourself with a little help from Mother Nature.

Iced tea
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All you will need is a glass container, your favorite brand of tea, water and some patience. Once you have gathered your supplies it is so simple to make your tea. Put you tea bags into the glass container. Pitchers and mason jars work best. You can drop the bags straight into the contain unless they are the ones with strings and tags attached. If they are then just lay a spoon or knife across the top of the container and tie the tea bags to it allowing them to hang into the jar. Once you have done that fill the container with water set in a sunny space and wait.

As the sun warms the water the tea will start to steep. The longer you leave it in the sun spot that stronger the tea will be. So simple, so fun and a great way to make up your own ice tea flavors. Once the tea achieves your desired brewing in the sun, simply pour over ice, add sugar and fruit to taste. And you have done it you have made Sun Tea. Enjoy.


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