Police are in the rare situation of trying to find the owner of lost glasses, the owner might not even know their glasses were stolen yet.

If you've ever had your car or truck broken into, you already know that it's one of the worst feelings knowing that someone went through your things and stole what they thought had value. Plus, they had their hands all over your stuff. It's the worst and if that's ever happened to you, you were probably told that you most likely will never get any of the things stolen back. Police say it's one of the hardest crimes to solve but over in Catskill, New York local police have caught two suspects and are looking to return glasses that were recovered from the suspects.

The crime allegedly took place in the early morning hours of April 18th, in Catskill, and according to the Catskill Police Departments Facebook page, police say two men stole cash and a bunch of random items from unlocked cars.

Police, with the help of numerous residents that had surveillance cameras set up in the area, conducted an investigation that resulted in the arrest of one of the individuals responsible for the break-ins. Police also said that more arrests are pending, but wanted to spread the word that they have recovered a pair of eyeglasses that were stolen from one of the vehicles.

Lose These Glasses?

Catskill Police Department/Facebook
Catskill Police Department/Facebook

The glasses have the name Taylor Madison on them and police said that the victim who had the glasses stolen never reported the crime to the police so they aren't sure if they even know they were stolen. So they are doing some reverse police work and are looking to track down the owner of the glasses to return them.

Lastly, the Catskill Police Department is asking residents that live on the east side of Catskill to check their vehicles and report any missing items to them. Police would also like to remind everyone to never leave any valuables inside of their vehicles and always remember to lock your vehicles when you aren't using them.

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