On Monday, a video was making the rounds on social media regarding donations that were stolen from the American Legions satellite location at the Zion Episcopal Church.

A. Boris
A. Boris

Danielle Bushnell Perry, one of the many members of the Wappingers community helping collect donations at the American Legion, posted a video on Facebook on Monday night (June 5).

The video explained that because they ran out of room to store the donations at the American Legion they had to move the over flow of donations a few doors down to the Zion Episcopal Church. However, they didn't lock up the donations and had left them unattended for some time. Some volunteers went back and noticed a bunch of toiletries and newer items such as sheets and comforters missing.

After some miscommunication and confusion it turns out the items were not actually stolen. Zion Episcopal Church cleared the air on Facebook stating that "a Zion parishioner was indeed there, and ushered the guests in to the parish hall, where they began gathering items. Our Zion volunteer had to leave for a few minutes. Upon return, he found that all had left except one man, who thanked him profusely for the much-needed items. We pray that indeed, these items did go to the community they were intended for."

While the confusion is unfortunate, you have to applaud the Village of Wappingers. They're working hard to make sure those 30 people who have been displaced get the help they need. Donations are still being accepted at Zion.

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