It happened on Saturday in Gardiner.

According to HVNN, the fire was called in around 2 p.m. Saturday.

As firefighters responded they came upon 67 Peterson Lane in Gardiner to a full involved structure fire.

The 2 alarm fire had fire departments from Gardiner, New Paltz, Walker Valley and Modena all on scene to fight the blaze, which was under control in less than a half hour.

The house was a total loss and sadly has now made 67-year-old Larry Ashton homeless.

Ashtons sister, Linda St. Pierre, told HVNN that, Larry was a longtime local who had shoed horses as a farrier for nearly 40 years before becoming unable to handle the demanding physical toil. She said he has no retirement.

To make things even worse Larry has said that his homeowner’s insurance had just lapsed about a month ago, so he won’t be compensated for his loss.

There is a goFundme page set up for Larry in his time of need and we want to wish him all the luck in the world.

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