Not exactly how any pregnant woman plans to give birth.

If you have kids I'm pretty sure that you can remember exactly when and where your child was brought into the world! If you're a mom you definitely remember...LOL! In today's world, most of us try to plan everything in life as best we can, especially when it comes to pregnancy, unfortunately, that plan doesn't always work out.

911 Operator Assisted in Baby's Birth

There have been numerous stories over the years of future moms having to give birth in some interesting places. Earlier this year we told you about a 911 operator in the Rockland County town of Suffern, who got a call from a woman in labor and after some quick thinking, the dispatcher gave delivery instructions over the phone and helped deliver a healthy baby boy.

New York State Troopers Delivery Baby

Back in January of 2021, a woman and her husband were on the way to the hospital in White Plains when they realized that they weren't going to make it so they pulled over and called for help. Two NYS Troopers arrived on the scene and jumped in to help successfully deliver the new baby on the side of I-87. Stories like these are amazing examples of quick thinking and great training.


Kingston Firefighters Help Deliver Baby

Having a unique birth story is a cool story that mom and child will share for the rest of their lives and according to the City of Kingston Fire Departments Facebook page, one mom in Kingston now has a similar story.

It was just after midnight on Sunday, September 25th when the fire department's engine 3 was called to help a female in labor. Responders arrived on the scene three minutes after being dispatched and when they arrived they "determined that there would not be time to transport the patient to the hospital birth was imminent." Firefighters and the crew from Mobile Life Support then proceeded to assist in delivering a "healthy baby" according to Facebook. The fire department also said, "mom and baby seem to be doing great." Great job everyone!!

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