Uber is stepping up their game, and actively petitioning to bring their ride-sharing service to the Hudson Valley.

In May we reported that Kingston Assemblyman Kevin Cahill and Milford Senaor, James Seward, were proposing a bill that would pave the way for Uber to operate in our area. Currently, services like Uber are regulated on a city-by-city basis. Recently, there has been talk in Albany about regulating Uber on a state level, which would open up the service to the millions of people outside of New York City..

Uber has launched a serious push to get their cars operating all over the state. Ads on Twitter and Facebook asking local residents to sign a petition that is aimed at New York lawmakers, urging them to allow Uber in New York.

Ride-sharing services operate by allowing drivers to use their own vehicles to taxi customers from place to place in their spare time. Customers request a ride on a smartphone app which then signals local cars in the area who may be available to drive them to their destination. Taxi drivers have been mostly opposed to the idea, saying that the app-based service would kill their business. Uber claims that by expanding into these untapped markets, they will stimulate job growth and opportunity.

What do you think? Should Uber start operating in the Hudson Valley? Will you be signing the petition?

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