I recently attended a wedding and the couples first dances was to Brett Eldredge's "Mean To Me." It really is a perfect wedding song and if I were to ever get married that song would be played at some point for sure.

Apparently, Brett has a knack for writing a good wedding song. Back before Brett was making country music fans swoon, he was writing songs and singing them for his friends. One of those friends was Hayley Stommel, who just recently married Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line. Brett made her listen to a demo of a song called "Drunk On Your Love." She, naturally, loved it.

Hayley loved it so much that she shared it with Tyler and it became the song of their wedding video. A clip has been released and it is absolutely stunning. The song goes so well with the video and the wedding, it kind of takes your breath away.


I have a feeling if Brett released "Drunk On Your Love" as an extra song on his upcoming album "Illinois" it would blow up on the wedding circuit.