A Hudson Valley diner with 4.5 stars on Yelp went up in flames this weekend.

The Times Herald Record reports that a Newburgh diner caught fire just after 4am on Sunday morning. Emergency crews were called to the scene on Lake Street after receiving a 911 call about the blaze.

Jessi's Diner is popular among locals for their authentic Mexican breakfast foods. Damage to the breakfast hot spot was contained mostly to the kitchen, where the fire supposedly started.


Fire officials say that the cause of the fire appears to be a stove that was left on overnight.. It's the same fate that met Arnold's, the popular hangout on "Happy Days." Fans of the show remember that Chachi mistakenly left the burner on when locking up for the night. After tossing his apron on the stove, he left for the night causing Arnold's to go up  flames.

Luckily, there was no one inside Jessi's during the blaze and no firefighters were injured during the incident.

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