Daylight Saving Time ended this past weekend and we turned the clocks back an hour which meant that we would "gain an hour" of sleep.

Why does it feel like I lost an hour?

Baby girl had no clue about this extra hour and was up at her normal time, which was actually an hour earlier in theory but was still the same number of hours she would normally sleep.

I woke up refreshed but felt like I had lost an hour.  Is it the mental fact that winter is coming and it's going to get cold and dreary or is it that I psyched myself up about the extra hour or maybe it's the fact that I thought, hey, we gain an hour, I'll stay up and extra hour longer.

Whatever the case, I'm behind this rumor that it will no longer exist.  We'll set the clocks ahead in the spring and never adjust again.

The central time zone never observed that years ago so why doesn't everyone just do it?

Anyway, if you were early for work, good for you.  I however, was still late.  I kept saying "I have an extra hour"


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