Who doesn't love a good bowl of Halloween candy? Every year I look forward to buying the bags of my favorites. Mini snickers for me, Tootsie Roll pops for my husband. Of course I don't stop with just two selections, after all the candy has been in our faces since Labor Day. I always seem to round out the bowl with Peanut Butter Cups, Caramel Chews and Twizzlers.

Fact is though we tend to eat way to much candy this time of year. Medical Daily reported in 2016 that the average child consumed more than 3000 calories of Halloween candy. I would have guessed more than that but let's face it that is plenty. And please whatever you do don't play the Jimmy Kimmel joke on your kids, it seems so cruel and I absolutely hate that it makes me laugh.

So how do you get the kids to want something other than candy in their Trick or Treat bags? Secret is to get them cool other stuff. Cooking Light offers a great selection of healthy alternatives to the traditional candy. Everything from popcorn kits to crazy straws.

And remember it's not just the kids who can over indulge. If the trick or treater count if off at your house and you end up with a bowl full of left over candy whatever you do don't sit watching Halloween TV eatting it. Turn the porch light off and put the bowl up high. You may even want to just pack up all that candy for the break room at work.

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