If you were driving north on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie on Wednesday night, you might have seen signs of a fire by the Poughkeepsie train station.

Black smoke billowed out near the Poughkeepsie train station around 7pm on Wednesday. According to Hudson Valley Post correspondent Todd Bender the fire was on a "train locomotive just north of the Poughkeepsie Train Station." Bender continued to explain that the passengers on the train were all safely evacuated and moved into the station. 

HV Train

Once the train was evacuated and firefighters had access to the tracks they proceeded to attempt to put out the fire. According to Bender "City911 immediately requested a complete stop on all tracks and PFD Captain Deichler verified the stop was in effect with on scene Metro-North personnel before crews made their way onto the same." When firefighters had the all clear to move in they had to "hand drag lines down the tracks to affect extinguishment as there was no access which allowed for better options."

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