We wish them both luck and fun on their new adventure.

There is something really special about the relationship between a human and a dog, but even more special between a police officer and their K-9. I was recently looking at the Town of Wallkill Police Department Facebook page and noticed that they made a special announcement.

Town of Wallkill Police Department Facebook
Town of Wallkill Police Department Facebook

In their post, the department said congratulations to Officer Madison Lindeman on her newest assignment of being the handler for K-9 Bane. How awesome is that? The post also had some pretty interesting information about police dogs. Here is what else it said:

More about a K-9:

Apparently, dogs have been used in law enforcement going all the way back to the Middle Ages. Most of the time K-9s are used for their detection and tracking skills.

How long does a K-9 stay on the force?

They usually serve for about 6 to 9 years.

What are some of the requirements to be a police dog?

To start out, the dog first has to pass some basic obedience training and follow and obey the commands of their handler "without hesitation for proper control." I'm sure this is a lot harder than people even realize.

There have recently been more cool K-9 stories in the Hudson Valley including one making its acting debut and another friendly welcome to another dog.

If you see Officer Lindeman and K-9 Bane out and about, let us know and a special thank you to them for protecting our community. Speaking of animals here is more information about the humane society and more about dog parks in the area.

Hudson Valley Humane Society Seeking Urgent Placements for Pets

They are going to be doing construction and that means that there will be loud noises and construction which may be disturbing to some of their residents.

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