We've all had our memories at the once popular attraction known as The Catskill Game Farm. But did you know that you can explore the grounds where the animals once roamed?

Tour the Uninhabited Catskill Game Farm Animal Shelters

In 2019 The Catskill Game Farm reopened after being closed and abandoned in 2006. For years it sat abandoned until new owners gave the grounds new life and turned it into an Airbnb.

Parts of the park have been renovated for a luxurious stay, but other parts of the once-thriving Catskill Game Farm still stand. You can walk the 200 + acres of secluded wilderness along with over 3 miles of trails still intact at the Old Game Farm.

Several animal exhibits once housed famous animals like April The Giraffe and those stoic lions that would roar throughout the park. You can stroll through parts of the abandoned attraction all thanks to Airbnb and new investors.


It sounds like a really cool experience to walk through the grounds that once welcomed millions of tourists.

The Catskill Game Farm Named Most Loved Airbnb Stay

As you've learned above, you can stay the night at The Catskill Game Farm. The Giraffe House can sleep over 16 people with enough bedrooms and bathrooms for everyone.


Recently, The Catskill Game Farm earned the "Most Loved Stay" badge on their Airbnb page. According to Airbnb, The Catskill Game Farm has been rated "One of the most loved homes on Airbnb based on ratings, reviews, and reliability."

Explore The Once Abandoned Catskill Game Farm

While The Catskill Game Farm has gone under extensive renovations, there's still a part of the past sticking around. Take a look below at the uninhabited Catskill Game Farm animal shelters and old building that still sit on the grounds today:

Tour the Uninhabited Catskill Game Farm Animal Shelters

You can stay the night at the Catskill Game Farm and walk the grounds exploring the abandoned attraction.

If you're interested in staying the night at The Catskill Game Farm get a sneak peek at where you'll be staying:

Once a Popular Catskill Tourist Attraction, Now One of The Most Loved Homes on Airbnb

Most New Yorkers are familiar with the Catskill Game Farm. They may have traveled there on vacation back in the day, but what has happened to it since it closed its doors in 2006? Well, it's become one of the most popular stays on Airbnb!

Gallery Credit: Jess

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