A popular Italian restaurant will shut down next week for a hush-hush movie filming. It's no secret that the Hudson Valley has become a mecca for Hollywood productions. From miniseries to feature films, our area has seen a dramatic increase in star-studded productions being filmed right under our noses. It's almost to the point where these film shoots have become so common that most Hudson Valley residents barely glance at them as they drive by and go about their business. It is hard to not get excited, however, when a big movie is being filmed at your own business. And that's exactly what's happening at Mama Musetti's restaurant and bakery, which is temporarily closing for a secret film shoot. In an announcement on the Mama Musetti's Facebook page, the restaurant announced that it will be shut down on Thursday, February 6. According to Rosa, the restaurant's owner, a few scenes for a movie will be shot in their dining room. The Village of Wappingers businesswoman says she has no idea what the movie is and who may be starring in it. And even if she did, Musetti wouldn't be able to tell us because of a non-disclosure agreement that she has signed with the production company.

They won’t tell us what movie it is or who is in the movie, on top of that, we had to sign a non disclosure for media

All Musetti could tell us is that they are filming on Thursday morning and that the restaurant will become a "closed set," meaning that no one is allowed in. When asked if she would be allowed to peek in on what's going on Musetti said that she really wasn't sure, but will provide catering for the film crew out of the restaurant's kitchen. This week Flory's in Fishkill was shut down for two days due to a movie filming. It's unknown if this is the same production crew that will be Mama Musetti's next week.


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