Let's be honest, we are all guilty of it. When you're out to dinner and drinks, you snap a picture of your cocktail or get the perfect boomerang.

There's something so fun about sharing your exquisite cocktail that you probably waited all week to enjoy. At times, it feels rewarding to sit back, relax and enjoy a delicious drink with good company.

Throughout the Hudson Valley, bars and restaurants have really created unique drinks. From exotic choices to glamourous, there seems to always be something for someone on the menu at the table.

Here are the top 3 places within the Hudson Valley that I have been blown away at how perfect my drink looked and tasted. Cheers!

Pharmacy Kitchen and Bar, Goshen

The theme behind this bar and restaurant is based as a pharmacy. The servers and bartender wear scrubs and the drink options are named after prescription pills. The shots also come in a fun form which I won't share if you haven't been there yet, you'll have to experience it yourself. Find out more here.

The Roosevelt Bar, Beacon

The atmosphere at this bar is welcoming and upbeat. I enjoy chatting with locals and the friendly bartenders. The drinks always come out with the most perfect, finished touch and match the taste flavor as well. It's hard not to bar hop after experiencing a night at The Roosevelt. Find out more here.

Hudson Taco, Newburgh

If you haven't been to Hudson Taco yet, you are missing out. With the view of the Newburgh Waterfront and list of mouth watering cocktails, you could spend the entire day here. The food is also set up similar to a tapas style, you can order a few different items and share them with the table. Find out more here.

We would love to hear, where is your favorite place to grab a specialty cocktail? Maybe there are multiple spots within the Hudson Valley. Don't be shy, share with us below.

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