We talk a lot about driving in Hudson Valley winter weather. We talk about how snow and even rain can reduce your visibility behind the wheel, but what about windy days. Wind, when you are driving, can be as dangerous as other types of weather.

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Gusts and strong winds can easily blow your car all over the road. You should always be alert when you are driving but on windy days being alert goes to a whole new level. I always joke on a really windy day that from behind I probably look like an impaired driver. You can try all you want but windy days can cause even the best drivers to have difficulties on the road.

Tonight (January 14, 2022) driving home from Poughkeepsie to Kingston was one of those nights when the wind gusts against your car are so strong that it actually makes you swerve all over your lane. This could easily result in you ending up in someone else's lane entirely. A gust that strong can also be the reason you run off the side of the road too. I don't mind driving in any weather but windy weather is one type of weather that puts me on high alert while I am driving.


What to Watch out for when driving in the Wind

If it isn't enough that your car is all over the road, you have the added stress of things blowing into the road. Tree branches can break off leaving the road littered with debris. The wind can also bring down whole trees which can fall directly into your path. Other objects can also be blown into the road by the wind. We have all seen the trash can that has been hit by a car and run over.

Tip for Driving in the Wind

The first tip is to keep both hands on the wheel and eyes front. You not only have to steady the car but you have to keep watch for what might end up on the road. Another helpful suggestion is to slow down that way you are more prepared to stop if you need to quickly. The best tip of all is don't drive at all but sometimes that just isn't possible. The TravelsI Drive Safely and Defensive Driving all recommend these precautions and more. None of them however suggested my idea.

My Unusual Tip for Driving in the Wind

One of the things I do when it is really windy on the road is crack the windows in the car. It is by no way a scientific fact but I feel like it helps break up the resistance of the wind against the car. My thinking is that the wind will blow through the car instead of against it. I know weird, right? But try it the next time you are driving on a windy day. Of course, I also follow the driving tips offered above by the professionals.

What to Prepare for When the Wind Knocks Out the Power


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